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Can you travel throughout Chicago on a boat?

Chicago is one of the most popular US cities with a lot of population as well. It is the center of attraction for not only foreign visitors but also for country residents. Chicago has a lot of things one can see. Whether it is about living in Chicago for professional reasons or it is about vacations and holidays, Chicago serves you well.

In this blog post, we will talk about traveling throughout Chicago using the water medium. Yes! We\’ll tell you if it\’s possible to see the entire Chicago by traveling in a boat and if it\’d be a fun journey worth people\’s time? We\’ll talk about that in this post.

First Things First

What do you think we need if we discuss traveling to a city using only water as our medium? Of course! A boat. Thus, you should get a boat first. Reach out to any good Boat rental Chicago services and rent a boat, cruise, houseboat, or whatever suits you. However, we recommend using a boat since the cruise and even houseboats would not be suitable because you want to see the city through your boat, and you don\’t want to sit on the ship.

Things we can do in Chicago on a Boat

  1. Exploring the architecture

There is no doubt you can roam around the corners of Chicago and admire its amazing architecture. From sightseeing new buildings to old ones, you also get along with yourself a travel guide who tells you in detail about everything. Moreover, you can take your boat or avail of the boat traveling services in Chicago.

  • Lake Michigan ride

There are services in Chicago that offer speed boat riding. If you don\’t like slow traveling along with a travel guide telling you about things, you can go for this alternative. You can also take your speed boat by renting it. However, you need to be trained in riding boats for that. If you have done that already, you will get a speed boat. Otherwise, you can go along with a professional to enjoy a ride at Lake Michigan.

  • Food at Odyssey Lake

It has a breathtaking view of beautifully designed tall buildings. It\’s suitable. You can slowly travel throughout Chicago city and have dinner near Odyssey Lake at the end of the day. Timeout suggests it. For that, you need to rent a cruise as it\’s not possible on boats.


As a result, it is possible to travel in Chicago using a boat. Since you\’d be around the corner, you can park your boat and walk inside the city if you want to purchase something to eat or do some shopping. So, we discussed three places in this post that you\’ll see when traveling on a boat in Chicago. There\’s a lot more you can explore in Chicago on the boat as well. However, it\’s not possible to travel throughout Chicago in one day. And that\’s also fun since you might spend a week off in Chicago traveling by boat and visiting different places.



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