Top 7 Greenwood Lake Boat Rentals for 2022

Are you planning to enjoy your summertime at Greenwood Lake? If yes, you must know about top greenwood lake boat rentals to have a fun experience there. Below we will discuss the top 7 greenwood lake boat rentals for 2022.

Jersey paddleboards

Jersey paddleboards are an excellent boat rental for paddleboards. This boat rental is located at Greenwood Lake in willow point marina.

You can have a boat that best matches you in this boat rental. The instructors are very cooperative. Following are some exciting activities that jersey paddleboards provide you

  • Private SUP lessons
  • SUP Yoga
  • Coed nights
  • Ladies night
  • Full moon paddles

Apart from these, there are many more fun activities to enjoy.

Lake’s end Watersports

It is one of the best Greenwood lake boat rentals. You can enjoy a full of fun kayaking experience with this boat rental. If you are a beginner in kayaking, you must choose Lake’s end Watersports because this contains all those things that can make your kayaking journey more fun.

Following are some attractive things about this boat rental company

  • It gives an excellent view of Greenwood Lake
  • Provides the best guide for beginners

Flatwater Paddle Co.

Flatwater paddle co. is famous for its excellent paddleboards and kayaks. You can enjoy your day at Greenwood Lake with this boat rental company.

You can enjoy

  • Private lessons from certified instructors
  • Best camping experience
  • Lakefront parties
  • Beautiful view of greenwood lake

Flatwater paddle Co. provides you with all this at a reasonable price. If you are searching for a cheap boat rental in greenwood, you can go for it.

Kittatinny canoes

You can have the best experience of river trips with Kittatinny canoes. You can find the best quality.

  • Canoe
  •  Tube
  •  Zipline
  • Rafts and kayaks

Kittatinny canoes provide one of the excellent river views at Greenwood Lake. You can enjoy all the beautiful views of this Lake with Kittatinny canoes.

Hudson River expeditions

Hudson River expeditions provide you with the best experience of outdoor recreational activities. This boat rental company offers you the best eco-friendly boating experience.

You can enjoy your experienced kayaking with Hudson River expeditions. Highly professional and certified instructors are present there to guide the beginners. You can enjoy paddleboarding too with this boat rental company.

Willow point marina

If you want to enjoy the most breathtaking greenwood lake, you can do this with the willow point marina. You can have the following services at this rental boat company

  • 150 slips
  • Gas dock
  • Snack shack
  • BBQ amenities
  • Ladies’ and gent’s showers and bathrooms
  • Mechanics
  • Shaded areas for rest

Do you want to make boating and fishing more exciting at Greenwood Lake? Well, choose willow point marina and enjoy.

Reber River Trips

Are you looking for a boat rental that gives you a delightful greenwood lake view? If yes, then you can choose Reber river trips. You can have the best rafting experience with this boat rental at Greenwood Lake.

At Reber River trips, you can have

  • Kayaking
  • Canoes
  • Rafting
  • Tubing

Enjoy your weekend or summer trips at greenwood lake with this excellent boat rental.

Final words

We have discussed the top 7 greenwood boat rentals for 2022. We have discussed all the essential services of each boat rental. You can choose the one that best suits you best and enjoy a healthy and full of fun weekend at greenwood lake.

Life is too short to spend it colorless. Make your vacations and weekends full of outdoor recreational activities. Go to lakes and enjoy boating, fishing, and camping. Create some colors in your life and have fun.

Good luck!


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